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Mar 5, 2014 6:00am EST
name. >> sergei lavrol. >> the two top dip low mats since tu crane crises ka lated. sergei lavrov speaking earlier today to reaterm his country's position. >>. >> i'm ex as perforated with that. i love cate blanchett. anyway, check out the futures this morning. what a day. every time you thaw it was goth was going to pull back, it didn't. the s&p on a relative basis seemed even stronger. we needed to get back. i think we were 10 below. measuring everything from december 31st, like 10 below, and i forget that it was back like 1840, we got back 30 of it or something. let's check out the oil, which we don't want oil to get too out of hand on what's happening here because we're hoping for 3% gdp growth this year. and any big spike in oil makes you think that's a tax on consumers and it's harder to get. the ten-year is helping, though. in terms of keeping the housing markets going below 2.7%. the euro stayed remarkably strong for europe. basically being on the front line for this situation here. we will, after hitting some new lows, stabilize. and then finally, fwoeld, i think, traded lower yes
Mar 6, 2014 6:00am EST
ross sorkin. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov and u.s. secretary of state john kerry are going to hold a second meeting in rome today after talking in paris yesterday. that's not a bad gig old kerry has. kerry tried to convince lavrov to meet his ukrainian counterpart yesterday, but was unsuccessful. so i said, hey, how about rome? unsuccessful european union leaders appear to be set to issue warnings to russian in ukraine, but to not impose any sanctions. and one of our friends and squawk guest hosts dallas fed president richard fisher is continuing his against the bond-buying program. he said the program is distorting markets and encouraging risk taking. and one of this morning's early losers, office supplies retailer staples reported quarterly profit at 33 cents a share, missing estimates. staples was hurt by a 7% trop in same-store sales. you know what i got today? >> what? >> a christmas card. >> did you, really? you complained about it enough that he -- >> from particular cook. >> he made sure he sent you one? >> he made sure he sent me one. said he really did send you a --
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2